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Our Process

When you first meet with us, we will explain our process to you in detail to ensure you are completely comfortable and informed.

During the process we will need some personal information - we are obliged by law to ensure any advice offered to you, be appropriate to your personal circumstances. Whilst you are completely within your rights to not disclosed some personal information, this non disclosure may have an impact on the advice offered.

STEP 1 : Initial Consultation – no obligation to proceed and at our expense
  • Meet & greet to ensure we are comfortable with each other. The very nature of Financial Planning is such that it is a longterm relationship.
  • We discuss your goals, objectives and whether we would be able to assist in the fullfilling thereof.
  • We will give you a copy of our Financial Services Guide that will explain in more detail who we are, how we operate, what our are services are, etc.
  • We will discuss fees, the scope of the advice and what you can expect from us.
  • You decide whether the advice to be prepared will be comprehensive or specific
  • The collection of all relevant information or a “fact find” for a more technical term. This will include amongst other things, current financial situation, i.e. assets, liabilities, earnings, etc., current tax structure, investment risk profile, current personal insurances, etc.


STEP 2 : Strategy and Plan Preparation – we do this behind the scenes
  • Here we take all the gathered information and mould it into a strategy and plan that we believe will assist you in achieving your goals and objectives as discussed.


STEP 3 : Strategy and Plan Presentation
  • We present to you in “normal English” what we believe needs to be done and how...
  • You will have a copy of a Statement of Advice(SoA) that will explain in every detail what we have discussed and “more”... the “more” is the “stuff” that our beautiful politicians believe will assist you in making more informed decisions, yeah right!


STEP 4 : Implementation
  • If there are no adjustments or changes and you are happy with what has been suggested, we implement the recommended strategy.
  • We control this process from start to finish, always keeping you informed of the progress.


STEP 5 : Reviews
  • As part of our ongoing relationship with you, our  Review service entitles you to a formal face-to-face meeting/s to discuss the progress of your plan, make any changes or update any relevant information.
  • Your strategy is a “living” document as circumstances do change
  • You can let us know how often you would like your plan to be reviewed; our minimum requirement is at least annually.
  • Your Financial Adviser will also be in touch with you between formal reviews to discuss any urgent matters relating to your financial plan and/or inform you of possible opportunities.
  • We also encourage all our clients to contact us at any time (for no additional cost) to discuss matters which may arise between your formal reviews.
This website contains general advice only. You need to consider with your financial planner (or adviser),your objectives, financial situation and your particular needs prior to making an investment decision. FuturoFinancial Services Pty Ltd and its authorised representatives (or credit representatives) do not acceptliability for any errors or omissions of information supplied on this website.
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